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A/B Testing Guide

There are many ways designers and developers use to generate more returns for their client’s website e.g email newsletters, web ads, promotion and offers. One of the best ways to do this is through A/B Testing. Well, I guess the question in some people’s minds is, “What is A/B Testing?” It can be described as the splitting your web site visitors into different groups and then showing each group a different version of the same page in order to determine which version of the page offers high conversion rates.

A/B testing is important for any web site especially ecommerce websites. This will ensure the website makes better conversions and thus the client will make more money. The way A/B testing is implemented can mean the prosperity or demise of a web site. At NextGen eBiz, we have developed the best testing tools and solutions to ensure that our client’s web sites convert well.

The developers at NextGen eBiz have a good knowledge of the tools that are available to carry out A/B Testing. This ensures that we provide the best results to our clients. Our developers also know the elements that they need to test to get not only good but also reliable results. Some of the elements that our developers test are:

  • The promotional or pricing offer display.

  • Effect of images on the landing pages, products, or services being offered.

  • Headline or description of products/services.

  • The placement, color, size and wording on Call-To-Action buttons.

  • Where to insert or remove videos.

  • Type of fields on a form and its length

  • And many other elements.

Another important aspect we focus on is to set up a robust test. The use of a robust test is crucial in making sure that the results from the testing are reliable and that the A/B testing is performed in the right way. Our developers carefully analyze every element they want to test and on which page of the site. We then allow the test to complete. This means that even if the test shows positive results on the first hours or day, we continue testing for a while to ensure that the results we get have a good statistical confidence. However, this does not mean that the developers take a very long time testing and miss the sales that might have occurred if we had decided earlier. We use calculators that come with most testing tools to know the correct time to allocate the testing of a particular element.

Perhaps one of the key skill sets our developers have is the understanding of results from any testing done on a website. Once we run a CRO test, we get either of the three results i.e. positive, negative or no results. We understand that testing for conversion optimization is not something that is done only once; it should be a continuous process throughout the life span of the website. This is mainly due to dynamic nature of the web.

We use testing as one of the ways to ensure that we maximize the marketing presence of our clients’ websites and thus ensuring they generate more sales. You can contact us if you would like more information on the testing solutions that we offer.



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