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Traffic Analysis

Web analytics, also called web traffic analysis, is the process of collecting, measuring, analyzing and reporting of a website’s internet data. This is done in order to understand and optimize web pages and web usage. This is mostly done without the knowledge of internet users (without their permission) through the ‘third party cookies’. Third party cookies contain information about the users that can be shared between websites. Some internet users consider this a breach of privacy although this is not the case. This is mainly because no personal data can be collected through cookies (only data about the users’ Operating system, browser and other technical information is collected).

Why Web Traffic Analysis is Crucial?

Most website owners do not know how to perform web analytics to optimize the website to ensure the growth of their websites and business and this is why at NextGen Ebiz Solutions we strive to make sure that we used the full power of web analytics to make our client’s website and businesses grow. We use web analytics as not only a way to measure the traffic for your site but also as a tool for market and business research in order to make the required assessment and improvement the efficiency and effectiveness of your website.

At NextGen eBiz, we use Google Analytics to measure how our clients websites perform from the various campaigns used to drive traffic. These results are used to approximate the changes in traffic due to these campaigns and give the best advice to our clients as to what campaigns to concentrate on and which ones should be limited or cutoff to ensure even better results.

NextGen Web Analysis Services

In the past years, web analytics only referred to on-site web analysis, this has now changed and it incorporates off-site analytics. This is why NextGen eBiz offers both onsite and offsite web analytics. Under off-site web analytics, we measure and analyze internet data for website owners or those who maintain websites. This includes measuring of opportunity (any website’s potential audience), visibility and the buzz happening all over the internet to provide solutions that would ensure the growth of the website.

With on-site analytics, we deal with different ways for measuring what visitors do once they are on your site (measuring the visitor behavior). This deals with how the visitors got to your site and the conversion rates from all the different sources of traffic among many other things. This can be regarded as a way for us to measure how your website performs online in the commercial context. We compare the data from on-site web analytics against the main and key indicators of performance so that we get the correct state of your website’s performance and use the best ways to improve the site.

NextGen Web Analytics Solutions

It is crucial for business owners to find the best solutions to improve their business websites’ ranking, exposure, and mostly the best analysis for their website’s performance. One of the best ways to ensure all these is by using the best web analytics solutions provider. This is what we provide at NextGen Ebiz Solutions.

At NextGen eBiz we provide the best Web Analysis to make it easier for our client to improve and grow their business online. We also understand that despite the fact that most website owners do not have the expertise required for web analytics, they must be kept in the loop about all the results and best ways to improve their sites. That’s why we always work together with our clients to ensure that we not only grow their website but also their websites grow towards the best performances they want and also put in place measures to ensure they continue to do so for a long time to come.

If you want more information or have questions about our web analysis services, you can contact us and we will get back to you.



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