What A 15yr Old Thinks About Shopping

Shopping is a good thing. Depending on whom you are. But if we didn’t have shopping, then the economy would be almost like Greece at the moment and I know for a fact that nobody wants that. So for the country and other connecting countries to avoid it, the economy needs consumers where they can shop for goods and services and things like that and give back to the banks so the economy can stay afloat we will all be able to survive. Without shopping, we would not have a future.

As a fifteen year old kid, I like shopping. Well sometimes. Whether it’ll be a new jacket, new shoes or just window shopping. When I can’t be bothered going out to the shops, I just sit online and browse on store’s websites. Some of them are good and some are bad. What I look for at online stores are that they look good and at the same time it is easy to navigate your way through the site. As well as that, I also look for is that the site should have a wide variety of whatever I am browsing through whether it’ll be shoes or clothes etc.

For example, I went to one of the leading fashion chain’s website. Though I like the store, I don’t really like the online store. This affects the company as people are looking for simpler ways of looking for items rather than wasting time in stores and most of the time you don’t even get the item of clothing that you wanted.

It’s critical for online stores to ensure they design their online shop front as if someone is walking into real store and they should be able find they looking for with ease.

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