Web Design & Ecommerce

For an online ecommerce shop front, their website design is as important as designing brick & mortar shop. Just imagine going to a huge hardware store and once you get in, you can’t see any signage or anyone one coming to help you.

How would you feel trying to find something you really need urgently from stack of million items? On top that, the store is so shabby and with bad colour combinations that you feel like throwing up. May be at that time, you will run faster than Usain Bolt out of that shop and take hundred other potential customers with you by shouting it loud. That is called negative publicity through word of mouth.

Online ecommerce stores are exactly like that, only difference is, our fingertips do the running. It depends entirely on business owner to appreciate the value of making their online shop fronts, presentable, inviting and provide exceptional customer experience.

Web design (sydney) should make your customer’s browsing experience a fun activity and they should feel compelled to buy more than what they planned for initially.

There are number of factors that make your online business a successful online business. Most critical is website design. The biggest mistake store owners make when designing their store is, pick the colours and look they think is good. One thing they forget is, they are not the customer, Web design, must be appealing to their customer base. I agree, you cannot please everyone and that’s where your market research comes into play. Anyone selling hardware items, most likely their target market would be men and more specifically trades people. Based on this demography, your website designer should come up with suitable design with right colour combination and above all, keep it simple. Remember, men don’t do window shopping! Moreover, they don’t have the same level of patience as women. Therefore, website must be easy to navigate and able to help where ever your customer is stuck.

When doing the web design, you should know your customers buying behaviours. Do they buy online via pc, tablet or Smart-phone? If your customers are mobile most of the time and only buy through smart phone or tablets, its gives you an idea. In that case, your well-designed website must look good on mobile devices, buying should be easy, and if they are stuck, customer can call you with just click of a button.

Obviously, you should also have the site that suits PCs. That is why most businesses are opting for Standard websites plus mobile website when putting together their web designs.

Website design for ecommerce store defines if your business will be successful in the end or it would just be a drain on resources.

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