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Is Digital Marketing Ready For Small Business

With digital marketing moving at the speed of light, things are changing so fast that people who don’t keep track of technology have no idea what happening around them. Lack of any standards makes things even more confusing. Continue reading

Business Success Today lies In – Online Marketing

In your business, in any business, marketing is as fundamental as any other single activity. Whatever you do, make or sell, the process by which you find and keep customers is what fuels every other part of your business. Whatever you have been doing before, in the Twenty First century, online marketing will drive the future of your business. Continue reading

Who’s Winning – Consumer And Supplier Or The Middle Man?

We feel better and excited when buying stuff at special price. It’s one of the most potent selling techniques and directly linked to human psychology. But if we look carefully, we actually buy stuff we may not need at that time but since it’s on special we tend to part with our money earlier than it should be. We buy Christmas gifts 11mths before next Christmas. Continue reading

Is Your Website A Billboard or Business Development Tool?

In today’s digital age, first impressions about your business start from your website. One of the basic and key elements of the website today is to have most up to date information, easy to open, up and running at least 99% of the time if not 100%, connected to social media network like facebook & twitter and most importantly, customers should be able to easily contact you through your website 24/7. Continue reading

Is There Any Future For Real Shops?

Do we call this an alien online invasion or 50 meter high tsunami wave that seems to sweep away real shops, corner stores, mum & dad business and even shaking the foundations of once ever growing big retail chains. Continue reading

Are We Advancing Into 21st Century Or Turning Into Jungle Animals?

Do we realise where’re we heading with this fast changing technology landscape? We don’t talk to each other instead tweet or write on walls like graffiti writers doing their artwork in the dark of the night.  And what about emails? That’s too hard!!

With the advent of video conferencing and its further refinement, we may not have any need to get out of our chair while we meet people from around the world. Continue reading

Things To Remember When Building A New E-Commerce Site

A Smart, attractive and efficient business website is key consideration for any online business. Traffic on any business site really depends upon its overall appearance and presence.

Ecommerce website designing is about getting as many online users to find the website and procure the provided service/product. Continue reading